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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hate Designer Dogs? This Post Is For You!

People who truly hate everything about Designer Dogs make fun of the names like
. . . doodle and . . . poo.

And some do have a creative sense of humor. I read this information on a facebook group bashing designer dogs:

What new designer dog (breed) do you get when you cross a Bulldog with a Shih Tzu?

Dare you to leave a comment with your answer.



Anonymous said...

which is what exactly the MAJORITY of "designer dogs" or mutt, breeders are.
not all, but most are just out there to breed mix breed dogs, get some puppies and make lots and lots of money of people wanting a "designer"

i dont HATE designer dogs. I hate bad breeders who profit of those who don't know better by selling them mix breeds and giving them a "cute" name.

for those who do their research and find a GOOD breeder who health tests both parents and are responsible. then I have no problem

its just a lot harder to find a responsible mixed breed breeder than it is to find a purebred one.

hopefully one day these "designer" mixed breeds can make a name for themselves and become actual breeds. but I think for that to happen they need to LOSE the "poos" and "doodles".. and get an actual name and a breed standard. because most of designer dogs, even those that are the same mix ,many look vastly different.

way too many buy these dogs because they claim to be hypo allergetic and not shed. but news flash.. MANY DO. it is a MIX of 2 breeds. so there is a BIG CHANCE that that golden doodle will shed just like a golden lol they take on random traits from each breed

and designer dogs are not hybrid lol hybrid is crossing 2 SPECIES. like a dog and a cat. a MIX is crossing 2 dogs.. like a cocker spaniel and poodle

thats all

cute pups and great blog. but what must be understood is that many dog people dont HATE designer dogs. they HATE the effects

so many end up in shelters because they DO shed and they do affect people with allergies and many breeders selling them don't mention this and sell to people who aren't ready for a dog.
so where does the dog end up? the shelter

which is exactly what happened when the "fad" of goldendoodles and labradoodles and puggles wore off a bit recently.. like last seasons shoes they were tossed away into shelters for others to deal with and it really is sad

Jessica said...

Bullshit :)