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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simon Shows Shy Side at Puppy Social

No tea and mini sandwiches at the puppy social. Just water and dog treats!

Why a Puppy Social?
Last nite Simon and I went to a puppy social at a local dog training facility. He's at the age (16 weeks) where he needs to socialize with other dogs (besides Alvin). Failure to learn how to get along with other dogs can because a multitude of problems. They need to know how to meet and greet in the dog park, on the street, and in the super pet store.

A Chaotic Picture
Picture 12 dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and temperment in one large training room with toys, agility equipment, and nervous owners. Some puppies are running and chasing other puppies. One barfs under a bench. Another pees on a dog bed. Three or four are climbing on the ramps. A few go outside in a fenced area and eat grass (Simon's favorite activity). One is chasing a ball.

All activity is supervised (sorta).

Yeah - it got chaotic, but I can see the value. Simon would prefer to meet and greet all the owners and their kids versus playing with other puppies. He was scared of the other dogs but warmed up a little toward the end of the play period. We're going to party again next week.

Designer Dogs at the Party
Interesting designer dog scenario at the puppy social - a cockapoo (Simon), a labradoodle, and a golden doodle. A quarter of the dogs were designer puppies.

Party on puppies! Simon fell asleep on the ride home.


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