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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Neuter Surgery - The Recovering Patient Returns to Normal Activity

Picture on right: Alvin and Simon resuming normal activity.

After experiencing neuter surgery 3 days ago (see Neuter Surgery - The Recovering Patient), Alvin appears to be his old self. He's playing with Simon and eating to catch up on the day without food.

Unfortunately, his activity level has to be curtailed to protect the stitches for the incision and to keep his foot (dew claw removal) bandaged.

Curtailing his activity is near impossible. Alvin wants to play and so does Simon. Sometimes I separate them. That means one or the other whines and cries. And Alvin needs to be "quiet" for 10 days until the stitches are removed!

Another complication - Alvin wants to lick the stitches and remove the bandage from his leg. The soft Elizabethan collar failed (too small) - the poor dog spent all his time trying to pull it off. So he's in a diaper which has to be removed each time he needs to eliminate.

And yet another complication - the leg bandage has to be wrapped in plastic whenever it's wet outside.

Now imagine taking Alvin outside as follows:
1. Isolate Simon so he doesn't interfere (attacking Alvin, removing the plastic wrap, playing with the diaper).
2. Remove the diaper.
3. Wrap his leg in plastic.
4. Reverse the steps when he comes in.

Yup - the patient may be recovering, but the caretaker may not last 10 days. And in December, when Simon gets his neuter surgery - the situation will be reversed. The good news is Simon has no dew claws. A grateful thanks to Simon's breeder!


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