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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEW Free Ebook About Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Simon the Sad or Sir Simon, my new pup!

Okay, so you bought a puppy or found a shelter dog. Now you're excited about bringing the pup home for the first time.

Have you thought about everything you need in your home for the pup's arrival?

My new ebook Bringing Your New Puppy Home - Are You Ready? lists everything you need to equip your home for your puppy, It also presents several questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you bring the puppy home.

This ebook was written to save new puppy owners the hassle of looking up what they might need on the Internet. Being unprepared for bring a puppy home won't happen to you if you read this ebook. And not to worry - it's free, no strings attached.

Enjoy the adventure of owning a dog!


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