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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Is That Puppy Pink?

It was a good question. When we first got Alvin, he and I were visiting with the neighbor's grandchildren. One of the little girls wanted to know why the puppy was pink.

Okay, his belly and back legs were a pretty pink that stood out nicely against the white fur. They were pink (and not washing off, either) because I'm real stupid, that's why!

Here's the short story. We went out one Sunday night for a few hours and lined the floor of the oversized shower with the day's newspaper. We left him with toys, food, and a bowl of water. We even remembered to remove his collar.

Using an intricate escape maneuver, he spilled the water on a red ad in the newspaper. When we came back, he was both wet and pink, but still in the shower.

The reason I mention this story is that one of my "friends" recently reminded me of my stupidity.

"Why wasn't the bowl anchored? How did he manage to spill it? Tell us how it happened again yuck, yuck)."

Nuf said.


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