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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Perfect Solution For Dog Leash Pulling

Alvin pulls on his leash - all the time.

HE trained me that pulling is OK. He goes outdoors to do his business and always leads me to his spot. That's how it started. Eventually the leash pulling got out of control. I'm lucky he's a small dog. Taking him on a walk is not enjoyable.

Time to check with the experts!

My first attempt to break him of this habit was to consult the dog training bible - Kindom of Pets Secrets to Dog Training. The step-by-step solution requires changing directions while the dog is on leash. So that's an ongoing process. We do 15 minutes of this training every day.

I also checked Leash Training in the It's PAWSible! Dog Training and Puppy Training DVD. Click here to see my review of It's PAWSible!

In the intro to the Leash Training section of this DVD, trainer Beth Ostrowski-Parks talks about a product called Gentle Leader. I decided to use it in conjunction with the Kingdom of Pets leash training.

Gentle Leader is a collar and a nose strap in one (see picture above; click to see the online description). The theory is that the dog owner has more control because the leash is attached to the head versus the neck. It comes with a DVD explaining how to fit the Gentle Leader, acclimate your dog to the collar, and leash train with the collar. Note that the dog can bark, eat, drink, etc with this collar - it's NOT a muzzle.

Alvin Meets the Gentle Leader
As explained in the Gentle Leader DVD, some dogs may fight the snout strap. And Alvin scratched and rubbed the strap, but calmed down when I pulled out the treats. My plan is to use the Gentle Leader twice a day until he gets used to it.

The objective is to go on walks without pulling. We'll get there!


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