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Friday, October 16, 2009

Counterpoint: Best Dog For Retirees - Mixed Breed or Purebred? Shelter Dog Or Puppy? Blog: Money discusses the best dogs for retirees. It's strange that the blog mentions pure breed dogs only, but the printed version adds "any mixes of these breeds are great."

So what IS the real recommendation, Mr. Daughtery? Why leave out an important point? Mixed breeds can easily meet the needs of retirees. For example, how about a cockapoo, a dog that can combine the best attributes of a poodle and a cocker spaniel? See this post for Why Cockapoos Are THE Best Designer Dogs.

Could You Resist Simon, the Cockapoo Pup Pictured Above?

And one other point. Although I initially agreed with Mr. Daughtery's panel of experts about a retiree getting an adult shelter dog versus a puppy, I wonder what prompted this statement. An adult shelter dog can be just as time-consuming as a puppy and may be harder to handle. It's harder to bond with a misbehaving adult dog than with a cuddly puppy.

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P.S. Here's an effective obedience training DVD for a retiree with a new pup -
It's PAWSible! Dog and Puppy Training DVD.

See my review of this training DVD.

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