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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Puppy House Training Schedule - Why You Cannot House Train Your Puppy Without One

Have you ever tried going on a trip without directions to get to your destination? The same level of frustration occurs when you house train without a written schedule!

Why You Need A Written Plan
Three compelling reasons for using a puppy house training schedule are as follows:
  • The goal is to house break the puppy as quickly as possible. A schedule will help minimize accidents. The fewer the number of accidents, the sooner the dog will be house trained.

  • A puppy does not have the muscular maturation to hold his eliminations until he is about 16 weeks old. Before that, a schedule will help develop proper house training habits.

  • If there is more than one family member helping out, a schedule enables communication. It will also minimize finger pointing and assigning blame for accidents.

Activities You Can Plan
The major objection to a house training schedule – “I don’t know when the dog is going to pee or poop!”

Yes, you do – and here is a list of the times when you know the pup has to eliminate:
  • When he gets up in the morning.

  • After he eats.

  • After a nap (they are predictable).

  • After he plays or exercises for more than a few minutes.

  • Before he goes to sleep for the night.
Depending on his age, he'll need to go out at night (the formula is every (puppy age in months plus 1) hours). So a 2-month old pup will go out about every 3 hours over night. Don't be alarmed, this is only a guideline.

Now it’s up to you – jumpstart your dog’s potty training with The Perfectly Housetrained Puppy or leave it all up to the canine gods!


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