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Friday, October 2, 2009

Leash Training Tips From Certified Dog Trainers

In a recent post ( I explained the Gentle Leader as a tool for Leash Training.

But I had to temporarily postpone Alvin's Gentle Leader training due to a muzzle scratch. So I asked the puppy social leader (a certified trainer) how to train with the regular collar. She explained that leash training requires patience, time, and a highly desirable reward for positive behavior.

OK. Time I have. Patience is wearing thin. A highly desirable reward for positive behavior - can do. What's highly desirable? It's dog dependent and both Alvin and Simon love hotdogs. Yeah - it's baloney and not the best food. Another choice - pieces of chicken.

The leash training concept is easy in theory - reward ONLY when the dog walks by your side with a loose leash. Stop walking when the dog pulls or lags behind. Train inside your home first (or a location with no distractions). Then move outside.

Both my dogs respond to this training (with regular collars). I've already moved to random rewarding. Next week I will return to the Gentle Leader for Alvin, and for now, continue with the trainer's recommendations.


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