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Monday, July 26, 2010

Canine Luxating Patella (Trick Knee) 12 Days Post Surgery - Simon Stitchless

Twelve days after luxating patella surgery on his right back leg, Simon got the surgical stitches removed by his vet. The vet reported that the surgical site appeared to be healing as expected with no infection and minimal swelling.

How well does he walk? He walks effortlessly without even a hint of a limp. In fact, he has escaped to run through the doggie door so he can play with Alvin on the deck.

Because he does not lick the surgical site, we were able to dispose of his ecollar. This makes it much easier for Simon to find a comfortable sleeping position.

The Next 4 Weeks Of Recovery
Now comes the hard part - continuing Simon's minimal level of activity for the next four weeks. Interesting that the vet said to watch his weight, so we compared his weight on July 17 - 5 days after surgery - to his weight on July 26. He lost 1/2 pound or 2% of his body weight.

But the deal is - he's also eating a lot less than before the surgery, leaving about 1/2 of his nighttime meal and consuming fewer cookies (treats).

It will be an interesting 4 weeks!


Anny said...

Hey there, I came across your blog in a forum. It really does help that you blog about Simons recovery. My dog just had the surgery as of yesterday and its really nice to know each step and every little detail. =)

valmillsy said...

Thanks for the comment - I probably got carried away with the details, but if it helps people to know what to expect, then the posts serve a useful purpose. Hope your dog has a successful recovery.

Anny said...

I don't think you got carried away with the details. It's very useful.