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Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Do You Think About The Squidoo Lens I HATE DOGS (1 of 2)?

Whoa! A dog hater came out of the woodwork and wrote the absolute unthinkable squidoo lens - I HATE DOGS! (

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Could You Possibly Hate This Laploving Wee Pup?

Actually, the author wrote I HATE DOGS in a Squidoo category called Duels. This section is about controversy and starting "spirited" discussions.

Just for yucks, here are her reasons for hating dogs and a little "discussion" about them (some in this post, some in a future post while I think about the real reason the I HATE DOGS author pollutes the universe with dog hatred).

•Dogs smell. Their odour gets into everything, if you own a dog your house will smell, even if your home is spotlessly clean, a visitor will smell your dog in seconds of coming through the door.

Dogs do stink. And the bigger the dog, the bigger the stink. But Baths work! This is a real weak reason to hate dogs. I wonder if the I HATE DOGS authors hates people who smell, because there's a lot of smelly people around.

•Dog poops are gruesome. The stink of dog poo is not easy to disguise. And many owners don't pick it up either, making life unpleasant for anyone else walking in that park, field or road. It isn't the dog's fault; it's got to do what it has got to do. But if you own a dog, take responsibility and for goodness sake bag it and bin it. Yes that's a horrid task to perform, but more fool you for owning a dog in the first place.

It sounds like the I HATE DOGS author hates dog owners who don't pick up dog poo. It really isn't the dog's fault!

•Dogs bark. Not a nice sound, not cute at all.

Condemn dogs 'cause they bark? Why not condemn people because they talk! Yeah - I hate the dogs barking for no reason whatsoever - it's annoying, but it's up to the owner to control excessive dog vocalization.

•They have sharp teeth. That bite.

The I HATE DOGS author must have been bitten in kiddom. Me, too. I still have the scar more than a half century later. Guess people need to keep their body parts away from dogs' mouths!

Okay - you get the idea - you read a statement and launch a polite (or not so polite) argument.

Stay tuned for the next post for more argument starters from I HATE DOGS!

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