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Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Tick Season In The Northeast - Is Your Dog Protected?

Just before the recent week of major rain every day, it was clear that tick season was in full swing in the Northeast; well at least along the Connecticut shoreline . . .

** The groomer removed a tick from Simon's belly.

** I removed a tick from Simon's muzzle.

** I found a tick in my hair (I was outside staining the deck)

Okay - they were all large, brown, and visible and we cut them up with scissors (the only way to kill them according to the groomer).

Deer ticks, the ones that cause Lyme Disease, are small. That means we killed common ticks. Unfortunately, because we're in CT, deer ticks carrying Lyme disease are still a threat. Simon and Alvin are protected against ticks year round with Frontline, whick kills ticks within 48 hours (and diables them as soon as they find the animal).

Make sure you protect your dog against ticks (and fleas):

Small Dogs Up To 22 pounds (Alvin)
FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs - Orange (Orange; 3 Month Supply; For Dogs up to 22 lbs.)

Medium Dogs From 23 To 44 pounds (Simon)
FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs - Blue (Blue; 3 Month Supply; For Dogs 23-44 lbs.)

Large Dogs From 45 To 88 Pounds
FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs - Purple (Purple; 3 Month Supply; For Dogs 45-88 lbs.)

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