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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Very Lovable Cocker Spaniel Pup Named Oliver

Vacationing in FL and I'm definitely missing the BOYZ. They're home and well cared for by dog sitters extraordinaire BJ and Anita and their boy Benjy. Latest text says they ALL went on a long walk. Got a pic showing the boyz lounging after the walk.

Across the street from where we're staying, Oliver lives with his BFF Cindy. When I met the dog, I was a little stunned by how much he and Simon look alike. And act alike.

Cindy asked me over this am to assemble her vacuum cleaner. I was met at the door by Oliver wriggling his butt for attention. He got a toy to give me as a gift. He got upset when I directed my attention to the vacuum for assembly and started the woofing that means "Here I am - play with me." All these doggie actions remind me of Sir Simon.

I always wonder what would happen to Simon if he managed to get lost. He greets everyone as a long lost friend, just like Oliver. What if the person he greeted would do him harm. What a terrible thought!

Cockers (and Simon is half spaniel) seem to be the most lovable creatures! Not a nasty bone in their sturdy bodies. Some people I know need to take likeability lessons from these dogs!

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