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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stopping the 3 Most Annoying Puppy Behaviors - Part III

In the first post on the topic of stopping the 3 most annoying puppy behaviors , I mentioned puppy biting and mouthing.

The second post discussed jumping up on people.

This post talks about stopping (destructive) puppy chewing.

You know the story - the puppy ate the furniture, cell phone, shoes, socks, electric cord, whatever. I'm the PO'd owner of Simon who at 8 months of age managed to chew through the electric cord of a brand new laptop. One minute it was intact and the next second - it was chewed in half.

Why puppies chew
They're teething, bored, need exercise, or are exercising their natural tendency to chew. Puppies do not know what's appropriate to chew and what's inappropriate to chew. You have to show them.

How to Stop puppy and dog chewing

Take a look at these Seven Ways to Stop Dog Chewing.

Make sure you puppy-proof the house. Keep the puppy away from temptation, give him chewing toys, and his lesson learned (eventually) will be to stop destroying your stuff.

THE Best Chew Toy
Want to get your pup started on the right track? The single best chew toy is called Goughnuts. Alvin the super chewer has one and in two plus years, has failed to destroy it. He plays with the thing every day.

Note that he methodically dissects normal toys in under 15 minutes. So, why not not buy Goughnuts from the start? There is a smaller product called Goughnuts .75 for small dogs. Here's where you can buy Goughnuts:
Goughnuts, the Superior Dog Chew Toy.

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