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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oops! Simon the Cockapoo Dog Ate an SOS pad!

More accurately, Simon shredded an SOS pad.

Can't blame the pup - I left the cabinet door open to the cleaning supplies.

What Happened
So Simon the thief stole a used mini SOS pad wrapped in a paper towel and shredded it on the living room carpet. He did NOT eat an entire pad (some larger dogs will swallow a pad whole).

Oops! Instant panic . . .  Is the soap toxic? What will happen if he ingested steel wool?

What To Do First
Call the vet. The vet tech who answered the phone suggested calling the poison center.

I figured out during my web surfing that the soap is an irritant, but not toxic.

The steel wool is a problem if a dog vomits the pad or pieces of it OR it gets stuck in the intestinal tract OR it pierces delicate tissue.

The Prognosis
Simon appears to be okay 24 hours after the incident.

You have to monitor the dog's condition and hope that there's no blockage (no pooping) or bloody stools. I read about one dog who had surgery to remove a pad. I'm sure that was painful for the dog.

I read about another pup who started shaking - probably because the steel wool was causing pain.

Lessons Learned
  • Some dogs will eat anything.
  • Call your vet as soon as you discover the problem.
  • Keep an eye on the dog for excessive drooling, watery/bloody stools, and obvious pain symptoms.
  • Button up the kitchen supplies! 

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