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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


About 10 years ago, I was driving through Groton, CT along a major route. It was early - 6 A.M. and still dark. Suddenly a horrible smell filled the inside of the car.

Apparently I had driven through a portion of the road that had recently been sprayed by a skunk's anal glands. The car vents were pulling in outside air. Yuck! The smell lingered for weeks.

I guess you could call what I drove through a skunk cloud.

A week ago, Alvin walked into a skunk cloud in the backyard. That also happened early in the morning as he was carrying out his morning routine.

Despite several shampoos with special deskunking soap purchased asap AND a grooming, he still stinks. Apparently the oil sprayed by our resident skunk takes up to 2 years to dissipate.

Poor Alvin! No one wants to be too near him and he can't figure out why.

We have invaded the skunk's territory and he is doing an excellent job of making sure we are aware of the violation.

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